Dr. Vasundhara Saha

Pain Management and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr. Vasundhara Saha

Pain management, Palliative Care & Rehab Medicine Specialist

Healic, Gaur City Plaza, Gr. Noida

Consultation Fee : Rs. 600

Doctor Biography

Dr. Vasundhara Saha is a specialist in pain management and rehabilitation medicine who received her medical education, training, teaching, and work experience at AIIMS, New Delhi. In addition to being a PM&R and pain physician, she is also certified in hypnotic regression therapy.
She is also a member Teaching Faculty at Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and HAHC Hospital, New Delhi and is also into private care, where she has been providing consultations, related to medical rehabilitation and pain management.

Her approach to healing focuses on the whole person, including their physical illness, disability, or pain. She treats patients using medication management, injection procedures, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and swallowing therapy, functional braces, assistive devices, lifestyle and psychological counseling, and hypnotherapy for chronic pain and illness.