Through Unified
Medical Records

Reduce diagnosis errors, save lives and build trust through data driven healthcare delivery.

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Healic will aggregate, digitize and standardize medical records of an individual and offer AI driven consumer, doctor, and business solutions on top of this data.

What We Do?

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Digitize Medical Records

Healic will digitize and standardize your medical records, provide you with trends, suggestions and analysis basis your data

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Healic Digital Disease Management Tracks

Worked with hundreds of doctors to identify the right care path for various health episodes like Senior Care, Pregnancy, etc.

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Personalized Health Management

Assist in accurate diagnosis, right questions to ask, what to expect, book lab test, schedule appointments, locate resources

Why Digitizing Medical Records?

For most people, medical records are scattered. In print, emails, Whatsapp. Even if they are stored at one place, when you visit your doctor, it’s impossible to surf through multiple pages or files to find relevant trends.
Your doctor can now see all relevant data neatly organized leading to better diagnosis.

Healic Digital Disease Management Tracks

Are you worried about your parent’s health?

Healic Senior Care Health Track

Personal Health Manager to ensure total health monitoring for your parents – updated digital records, schedule doctor appointments and lab tests, timely follow-up’s and end of month health summary

Anxious about the unknown during your Pregnancy?

Healic Pregnancy Management Track

Professional assistance from Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and Psychologist. Week on week guidance on right questions to ask, what to expect, preventive checks, and more.
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