Dr. Deepak Rathi

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant

Dr. Deepak Rathi

Ayurvedic Consultant

Healic, Gaur City Plaza, Gr. Noida

Consultation Fee : Rs. 600

Doctor Biography

Dr. Deepak Rathi is a Renowned Ayurvedic Expert and is known for his expertise in Ayurvedic “Kshar Sutra Therapy” for the successful treatment of all kinds of Simple and Complicated Anal Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus, Piles (Hemorrhoids), Anal Fissure and other anal problems, he is visiting consultant to many health centres in Delhi.
He is also a Postgraduate in Yoga and uses various yoga and meditation techniques in curing patients. He completed his training in Kshar Sutra Therapy in Delhi and Mumbai and has cured many patients using Kshar Sutra Therapy.

Speciality Interest

Kshar Sutra

Gastritis Treatment

Ayurvedic Surgery

Fistula Surgery

Anal Fissure Surgery

Sinus / Sinusitis Treatment

Piles Surgery



Kshar Sutra Therapy

Skin Diseases

Ayurvedic Massage


Weight Loss Diet Counseling

Psoriasis Treatment

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