Dr. Arunava Ray

General physician

Dr. Arunava Ray

General Physician

Healic, Baani Square, Gurugram

Consultation Fee : Rs 1000

Doctor Biography

Dr. Arunava Ray is a highly experienced General Physician with a medical degree (MBBS) from University of Calcutta and extensive professional training in clinical trial management from ICRI India. Over his 16+ year career, Dr. Ray has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in patient care, clinical practice, and healthcare management.

Dr. Ray’s extensive background includes working with a variety of healthcare facilities, where he has consistently applied his medical expertise to improve patient outcomes. He has worked on major healthcare projects, such as providing medical services at Labaid Group of Hospitals & Diagnostics in Bangladesh, the Ministry of Health in Uganda, ESI Hospitals & Clinics across India, Quest Diagnostics India, ABMH Pune, and CK Birla Hospitals in both Kolkata and Gurgaon. His roles at these institutions involved direct patient care, managing high patient loads, and ensuring adherence to clinical guidelines.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Ray has been involved in the implementation and improvement of clinical processes, ensuring that medical services meet high standards of quality and efficiency. His hands-on approach to patient care and his ability to educate and advise on clinical practices have made him a trusted healthcare provider.

Dr. Ray is recognized for his strong communication and interpersonal skills, which he uses to liaise effectively with patients, colleagues, and healthcare administrators. His dedication to improving patient care through evidence-based practices and his commitment to continuous learning and professional development underscore his expertise and professionalism as a general physician.